What’s waiting for YOU on the other side of a BREAKTHROUGH?

What if….

  • Your relationship with money could be one of clarity, peace of mind, freedom and plenty?
  • You no longer felt stuck or at a “plateau” in terms of your job, business, income or your life as a whole?
  • You experienced balance and wholeness in your life each day?
  • You woke up in the morning feeling peaceful and content – excited about your life AND who you are becoming?

sun-behind-man-dt4213927Imagine what your life would be like if…

  • You stopped being your worst critic?  What if self-criticism and self-doubt no longer sabotaged your success and ability to prosper?
  • You replaced all the “not enoughs” in your life today with real and lasting fulfillment and abundance?   What if a state of “enoughness” was what you began to feel around money, time, and other aspects of your life?
  • You stopped trying to be who you think you should be or what others expect you to be?  What if you could begin to relax and enjoy being who YOU REALLY ARE?

If you can imagine any or all of these things, than you have a sense of what it means to THRIVE.   And you are meant to THRIVE – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally AND financially.

There is MORE for you to be, have and experience
with your life… and it’s waiting for you
on the other side of a BREAKTHROUGH.

A breakthrough around MONEY…

That changes the way you think about it, spend it, make it…

That changes the amount of money you have and that might even increase
the amount of money you make…

That has YOU be the master over money instead of money having all the power in your life.


A breakthrough around TIME…

We all have the same amount of time.  What if you had a breakthrough that changes how you think about and use your time?

What if, instead of a constant state of “not enough time”, you could experience a prosperity of TIME in your daily life?

What if that breakthrough supported you to make choices that increased the fulfillment, joy, freedom and ease you experienced in your life each day?



 A breakthrough in how you see and feel about YOURSELF…

That gives you a greater sense of self-satisfaction, self-acceptance, self-confidence & self-worth…


A breakthrough that sets some part of your SPIRIT –
the essence of who you are – FREE…

Some part of your spirit that you have locked in a room deep within yourself, never or rarely to be seen or expressed in the light of day.



These types of breakthroughs are EXACTLY what this unique, once-a-year, three-day “immersion” workshop offers you.  These are the breakthroughs that will have you experience greater health and wealth, freedom and fulfillment, joy and ease, abundance and well-being in your life.

I’ve been doing these 3-day workshops
for 14 years…

So I’m not making this up!  All that I’ve described is exactly what past participants have experienced – in large and small measure, in one or more areas of their lives – as a result of attending. 

Just read their stories!

Or, better yet, watch this short video I’ve created to share my observations about what makes this three -day experience so growth-filled and transformational for those who attend.

I CAN’T tell you what your breakthrough will be…
(I wish I could!)

I can only tell you this.

Everyone who attends and participates fully in the individualized, hands-on, experiential growth process of these three days gets breakthroughs – usually more than one.

But I couldn’t tell them – in advance – EXACTLY what their breakthrough would be.   And I can’t tell you either.

Even though it might make marketing this event simpler, for me to predict what your breakthroughs will be is not only arrogant – it’s dishonest.   Because I don’t know.

This is NOT a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all workshop and, as such, there is no “one-breakthrough-fits-all” result I can promise you.

Rather, this a 3-day process that supports you to get the breakthroughs that YOU need given who you are and what’s happening in your life right now – as well as what you want in life.  

As with the opening of a flower bud, this three-day process is designed to support you to experience the breakthroughs that will allow you to more fully blossom and thrive – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually  and financially.

Since I don’t know where you’re at right now, what’s happening in your life and or what may be blocking or limiting your ability to thrive, I really can’t tell you exactly what your breakthrough  will be.

What I can say is this…

There IS a good chance you’ll experience a breakthrough in your relationship with MONEY. 

We work with money a lot during these three days because it is such an incredible catalyst for personal growth and because it impacts so much in your life.

Money is one of the best “mirrors” I know for seeing what’s going on inside of you (often subconsciously) that holds you back, blocks your success & prosperity and keeps you in “survival” mode, “just getting by” or “doing okay” – instead of flourishing and thriving.

But I can also promise that you’ll breakthrough something that is blocking you emotionally and spiritually too…

A breakthrough that will have you feel more alive.  That will have you feel freer, lighter, more confident and powerful when you leave at the end of the three days.

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What Can You Expect?

One of the things that makes this three-day experience so unique and different is that it’s such a customized and personalized experience.

You see, it’s not about MY agenda as much as YOUR process and growth.  The activities I’ve developed become the catalyst for new awareness, new possibilities, new actions and new experiences – all of which support your  breakthroughs and your ability to thrive.

I will coach you, stretch you, encourage you, cheer you, support you to get the kind of awarenesses that create openings for breakthroughs. 

More importantly, I will support you to take action – actions that create new “muscle memories” that will support your continued growth and abundance long after the workshop ends.

In fact, everyone in the room will do the same – which is why one person’s breakthrough usually becomes everyone’s breakthrough.  

This is one of the reasons I limit the number of participants to no more than 48 – so that I can do be flexible as a facilitator to work with the openings as they occur – and to even do “hands on” work with some individuals.

Rest assured, however, there is a specific, cumulative and concrete process for these three days – one that has made these workshops life-changing for people these past 12 years.   And it begins before and continues after the three days we will spend together.

Preparing Yourself for Breakthroughs…

Preparation actually begins before you arrive at the workshop – so that you and everyone who attends have the knowledge and understanding of some basic principles and tools that create a foundation upon which we can create opportunities for breakthroughs in the three days we will spend together – LIVE and in person.

To build this foundation, I’ll ask you to complete these “prep actions” prior to the workshop…Building Our Foundation

  • Listen to six (6) short audio- or video-recordings (10-15 minutes each) that will briefly cover the concepts and principles on which the three-day experience is based.
  • Complete a questionnaire that will help me get to know you better as well as your reasons for attending – after which, I might ask you to have a short phone call with me so that I can ask you further questions and get to know you better.

As I see it, the more I know about you in advance – your goals and dreams, the changes you want to make and the breakthroughs you are looking for – the better I will be able to support you to get those breakthroughs during our three days together.

Day One:  Building On the Foundation…
Creating Openings for Breakthroughs…

The first day builds upon and adds to the foundation I create for you with the pre-workshop “prep recordings”.  It’s also the day on which you will likely experience some of your first breakthroughs.   The first day is a “magical” day for many participants (often described as “Fantastic!”) as you fully enter into the “immersion” experience I have designed.

Rather than try to tell you what Day One is about and all that we’ll do, let me give you a sense of how YOU might describe the transformation you will experience over the course of this day.   Here’s what you might write in your notebook…

Day Two:  Going for Breakthroughs –
Experiencing Transformation

If Day One is designed to lay the foundation and creating openings for breakthroughs,  Day Two is all about going for breakthroughs. 

You’ll have an opportunity to discover some of the beliefs and patterns that are limiting and blocking you in life.  More importantly, you’ll have an opportunity to experience the transformation that happens in you when you actually break through those blocks.     Lisa-Robbin-Young-testimonial-no-pic

Throughout the course of this day, you will have the opportunity to get a more accurate picture of where you’re at right now – and the connection between the internal (and subconscious) beliefs and patterns that are creating the results you in your life that are less-than-prosperous.

Then you will learn and get to practice using concrete tools and making breakthrough choices that  transform you, your results and your life.                                                

Day Three:
Anchoring It In and Preparing for Re-Entry

By the morning of the third day, there’s a good chance you will feel what many participants have felt in the past.  One part of you will probably be wishing the workshop wasn’t going to end.  Another part of you will be excited about the possibilities you now see for your life.  A third part might be feeling nervous about going back into “the real world”.

You will probably be wondering…

  • “Will I crash and burn after the ‘high’ of the weekend like I’ve done in the past?”
  • “Will I fall right back into old habits of thinking and acting once I leave this supportive environment?”
  • “Will people (partners, family, friends, coworkers, business associates) see and “get” the change in me?  Will they support me?”

And that’s what the activities of this third and final day together are designed for, i.e., to support you to more fully “anchor in” the learning, growth and breakthroughs you’ve experienced. 

That’s why we take time to prepare you for “re-entry” into your life back at home.   You’ll leave that evening with action plans, support tools, checklists, and a “compass” to guide you – as well as a real sense of “readiness” for your continuing process.

Adrainne-Prince-testimonial-no-pic1-blueAs a result of this three-day process AND the the ways we prepare you for “re-entry”, you’ll discover that your Breakthrough Abundance process doesn’t end when the workshop ends Saturday night .  In fact, if you’re like most attendees – many of your breakthroughs and AHA experiences will occur in the weeks that follow.  Only over time will you realize the depths of transformation you experienced during the three days.   When you respond to a situation in your life in a completely  different way – only then will you realize how  much you have changed, grown and shifted.


Is This BREAKTHROUGH Experience Right for You?

Only you can answer that.   And if you want to talk with me to ask me questions that will help you discern your answer, please feel free to call me directly at 608-432-2956.

Having said that, it’s important that you understand that this workshop is NOT a “band-aid” or “quick fix” for any problems or challenges you are facing in your life – especially with money.

It can’t be.  To put a band-aid over a wound without first cleaning out a wound will only result in greater disease and pain.   Taking aspirin for a recurring headache will not address the cause of the headache.  Real healing, health and well-being can only occur over time.  

Much like going to a spa for three days can accelerate physical health as well as emotional and spiritual renewal, you will be immersed for three days in a cumulative, experiential and breakthrough process.   This process will help you begin to “heal” and transform your relationship with yourself, other people, money and your “bottom line” results – including financially.   You’ll be better able to thrive – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually,  and financially.

For this to happen,  you must be open, willing and ready to learn and grow and change, i.e., your desire to thrive must be strong enough that you are willing to try something new and different.

Keep in mind that this workshop is 80% experiential and 20% informational – and your breakthroughs will come through the experiences.   So you must be open and willing to participate in the simple, unique, reflective, exciting, fun (and sometimes funny) activities that I’ve planned for the three days.

Are You Ready to Breakthrough to the Other Side of
What’s Blocking You from Being, Having &
Experiencing All That is Meant For You?

  Are You Ready to Start THRIVING?

Then join me and the other women and men who will be part of this “immersion experience” November 2nd, 3rd and 4th in St. Paul, Minnesota.   (Actually, in Eagan – a southern suburb of St. Paul near the airport.)

And just so you know…15 of the 48 available seats are already filled!  This event is so popular and powerful that some people register for it as much as 12 months in advance!!!

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And – if you’re ready to say “YES”…

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TeresaNew2013-1-medium I will be honored to support and celebrate you as you breakthrough some of your blocks and begin THRIVING in all ways – especially spiritually, emotionally AND financially!jfk-quote

With MUCH excitement and gratitude~






I’m ready for BREAKTHROUGH Abundance, Teresa!
I’ll see you in St. Paul on Thursday morning, November 2nd!

Workshop Regular Tuition:

For ONE person Paying in Full:  $748  OR
ONE person can pay in four (4) installments (30 days apart) of $210

For TWO members of a household Paying in Full:   $998  OR
TWO members of a household can pay in four (4) installments (30 days apart) of $275

Early Bird Tuition:

For ONE person Paying in Full:  $598  OR
ONE person can pay in four (4) installments (30 days apart) of $175

For TWO members of a household Paying in Full:   $848  OR
TWO members of a household can pay in four (4) installments (30 days apart) of $235

I’m paying the
Early Bird Tuition of
$598 in FULL!
  I’m paying the
Early Bird Tuition of
$848 in FULL!
I’m paying the
Early Bird Tuition
in 4 installments of
$175 every 30 days!
I’m paying the
Early Bird Tuition
in 4 installments of
$235 every 30 days!